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LOVEthirteen Men’s Jewelry Line

LOVEthirteen is empowering jewelry for powerful men.  Each distinctive piece of LOVEthirteen is hand-crafted by designer Heather Wells and infused with dynamic energy to support the LOVEthirteen man on his personal journey: Heart, Focus, Charisma, Strength.

LOVEthirteen knows that every man strives to lead a life of purpose, so we strive to create timeless, sexy pieces that not only look stylish, but help the wearer reach their next level of greatness.  LOVEthirteen bracelets and necklaces turn heads with their distinctive artisan design, and they feel amazing on the body; they are a compelling pulse of energy that bolsters a man’s drive and endurance whenever and wherever it is needed.

The true strength of LOVEthirteen Men’s jewelry is it’s ability to become a truly personal part of a man’s identity, elevating his senses, and supporting him as he digs deeper, loves stronger, and grows more powerful through his love.

Because the LOVEthirteen Man knows that true power isn’t taken; it is received.