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It is time to step into a brand new year!  Beautiful seeking soul, give yourself the gift to accompany yourself on this journey!  With all the depth, growth and connection that was achieved in 2020 these LOVEthirteen crystal pieces will cleanse, clear and elevate your being as your rise to the next and new version of you!  Whatever it is you choose, know that each piece is created with love and infused with the intention to bring miracles of prosperity in all ways into your life!


“When I have the honor of making face-to-face connections at my shows, I allow the crystals to guide you to what your body needs and your soul seeks. My hope is that our site allows you to feel guided and supported in the same way.

I invite you to choose your intention…” ~ Heather


Over the past days my mind has swirled with messages and visions of the crystals begging (quite adamantly I might add) to be used to heal and elevate during our current time. Each made their case…and this morning I awoke with certainty and clarity of who was to be used and how the crystals are to be paired together to be activated for your highest and best. As gifts from our creator, we present to you the crystals that will not only expand your field, but protect it, your body, and your being! These powerhouse crystals will raise your vibration by clearing away things that do not serve you. They will protect you fiercely against all negativity, keeping the icky out! Prepare to be shiny bright and expect the protection when worn!


Be the best version of yourself by freeing yourself of emotional trauma and welcoming emotional healing. Allow these beautiful crystals to soften your heart and draw more grace and kindness into your life.


It is such a gift to be Divinely guided. Learning to listen, honor and receive from your Divine takes practice and dedication. Allow that beautiful gift to be supported by wearing any of these crystals to hone your intuition.


Open your heart to experience abundant love with stones from this collection. From emotional healing and self-love to welcoming lavish love into your life, these beauties will support your journey of happiness and healing the heart.


The earth is giving so many crystals of abundance and plenitude right now. I find this very exciting because it tells me that we are in a place where we are ready to receive. If you are ready to welcome more prosperity and MORE of what makes your life rich, then these are the crystals for you!


Ever feel like you need a bath to wash away an experience you’ve just walked through, or a cleansing of something unwanted in your body? These beauties will do just that! Ike an energy bath,they wash away the unwanted.


Alleviate fears and anxieties and find your inner calm within this collection. Support your physical and mental clarity and find peace by connecting with ease to your Higher Self.


In order for the body to heal, it MUST be grounded. Allow the gifts of these beautiful crystals to not only support you in healing, but to support you in moving through life with a strong, unshakable sense of knowing.


The LOVE just keeps coming………

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It’s More Than Jewelry ®

Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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