Spiritual Glamour® for little ones!

Once you feel and experience the power and healing properties held within the pieces of LOVEthirteen, you’ll see why Heather Wells (Designer and Founder of LOVEthirteen) created a separate collection for our “mini me’s.” With Heather being a mother of two little boys, she wholeheartedly wanted them to have something cool and meaningful to wear as well. In her search for materials for LOVEthirteen’s spiritual glamour® collections, she found cool symbols like skulls, fossilized shark teeth and arrowheads that were perfect for a boy’s bracelet. Children love having special things to wear that no one else at school will have (and different than their siblings)– made with meaning, given with meaning, worn with meaning.FullSizeRender

For the little girls, LOVEthirteen’s spiritual glamour® pieces lean more towards the sweet side of feminine. Pieces are created out of pink opals, seashell, amethyst and other soft, pretty colors. Each piece is embellished with gold, silver, or rose gold accent beads adding that extra sparkle and shine that little girls go giddy over. And for the extra special occasion – birthday, graduation, holiday, etc. – customize their piece with Swarovski crystal initials or a symbol that is meaningful to your little one.

Even for those pre-teen girls who are over “pretty in pink,” LOVEthirteen has got you covered.  Add a dosage of “cool” to a set of bracelets by combining raw stones and gold wrapped embellishments. For sure a gift, that even the “hard to buy for” pre-teen will cherish for years to come.

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It’s More Than Jewelry ®

Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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It’s More Than Jewelry ®

Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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