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Heather’s mission is to inspire and encourage people to live their best possible life, both through the energy of her LOVEthirteen designs and through the philanthropy that LOVEthirteen allows. Philanthropy is a cornerstone of LOVEthirteen. The women and men who are drawn to LOVEthirteen tend to have involvements with various charitable organizations and they find one another because they have similar passions and are drawn to a higher calling for giving back. To date, Heather and LOVEthirteen have raised over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for charitable organizations through private events and personal appearances.

“Giving back is the reason I choose to sell my jewelry through private parties, galas and charity functions, it gives me the opportunity to touch people – and their passions – directly”

Charitable Organizations With Whom We Are Honored to Co-Create

Click the links below to learn more about a few of the wonderful charities supported by LOVEthirteen.

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