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The Boss Babes of LOVEthirteen

These incredible souls embody the core and essence of LOVEthirteen. They are strong, fierce, resiliant, empowered, magical souls who are living their lives to their absolute highest and best in all ways - for themselves and others! They are seekers, creators and manifestors to the highest degree. They are queens in this world, they are the LOVEthirteen boss babes!
Boss Babes

Marilyn Cowley

Creative | Visionary | Passionate

LOVEthirteen has influenced my life in ways I did not think possible! One outstanding way it has is in my business.  There is one particular bracelet I wear that Heather recommended I wear “when I am going to close a proposal.” I’m not kidding when I say, ever since I have worn this bracelet my business has grown exponentially. I really can’t believe it sometimes. I wish I could explain the power Heather’s jewelry can have on your life, but you truly need to experience it for yourself. Her pieces are not only beautiful but can have a profound effect on different areas of your life. 

To learn more about Marilyn and her business visit her website at PREM PR Social or on her Instagram at @marilynm.tv

Boss Babes

Laura Bravo-Mertz

Photographer | Mirror of Love & Light

Wearing LOVEthirteen makes me feel beautiful and protected. I love the gentle little sound the jewels make as I animate during work and play!
Putting these jewels on my clients and sharing the magic of this jewelry completes the goddess experience for anyone entering the studio. They are gorgeous to look at and physically FEEL good on your body. I don’t leave home without LOVEthirteen on me!

To learn more about Laura go to her Instagram at @laurabravomertz

Boss Babes

Lisa Kahn

Designer | Creator of Sanctuary | Goddess of Light & LOVE

LOVEthirteen is my ticket to finding sanctuary as I move around in the world. Heather’s creations meet me where I am on any given day and support me in whatever I need at the moment: peace, harmony, prosperity, joy, abundance, creativity, healing, strength, shielding. I don’t have a day that I leave the house without at least one of my arms stacked full of crystal bracelets. On particularly challenging days, it’s both! LOVEthirteen bracelets are my talisman, my security, my secret weapon. At times they have even been my survival gear. We can’t control what life brings, but as we work to master our response to it, LOVEthirteen helps me operate from a position of strength and calm. 

To learn more about Lisa visit her website at Lisa Kahn Designs.

Boss Babes

Heather Frank

Giver | Fundraiser | Mother | Friend

My introduction to LOVEthirteen was one of pure magic. I was working an event in my career as a professional fundraiser and was drawn to the table full of beautiful jewelry. I picked up a bracelet, not knowing anything about the company or the crystals, and was told by Heather Wells that it was a bracelet of healing. I immediately burst into tears. What no one knew at the time was that I had just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was still processing that reality.

Heather gifted me that bracelet that day and I wore it through every cancer treatment. At my last appointment, having beat cancer, I passed it along to a fellow cancer patient, and she wore it through each of her treatments. The bracelet passed through 7 cancer fighters in total. What Heather gave to me that day was hope, and it was a gift that I cherished and passed along filled with hope and fight! 

Since that day, Heather Wells and I have become best friends and sisters. Her love and light give me strength when I need it most, and I hope I provide the same for her. 

My life, my accomplishments, and my heart have grown so much since the day we met. I am so grateful for LOVEthirteen and share it with everyone I can. The love and intention put into each piece has resonated with me since that first fateful encounter, and my life was changed for the better.

To learn more about Heather go to her Instagram at @hurley6087.

Boss Babes

Anasuya Strasner

Super Mama | Seeker | Beacon of Light

Living the best version of you. That’s what LOVEthirteen means to me…

It started as a feeling and expanded to an experience .. an experience of being connected to my inner knowing.  Being intentional about who and how I show up in this world.

Seven years ago … I started wearing LOVEthirteen and my consciousness about this feeling of wearing on the outside what I want to be and manifest from the inside out started.

It began a journey that continues today.  From the start of when I place a bracelet (or several) on my wrist… to moments throughout my day, they remind me to connect with myself.  I feel them on my wrist and they serve as a guide through the power of their energy to stay centered, intentional and in gratitude for all the blessings that have shown up and will show up in my life.

I feel every time I wear them that they protect me, heal me, love me and guide me to be on purpose in this lifetime.

They embody love.

To me that’s what wearing these bracelets means to me … love. Love for ourselves and our journey and love for others… from the inside out.

In gratitude… Anasuya

To learn more about Anasuya go to her Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/anasuyamorrill

Boss Babes

Christine Buckley

Vibrant | Closer | Master Manifestor

I love wearing LOVEthirteen because when I put on my bracelets I can feel the divine energy they bring. For me, LOVEthirteen means being our highest version of ourselves and honoring the treasures that Mother Nature has left for us in these beautiful crystals. It is also an act of self love for me to pick out which bracelets to adorn myself with depending on what I'm seeking each day, be it protection, unconditional love, or powerful manifestations. Seeing the way the crystals sparkle and glisten on my arm reminds me of all of the magic and miracles in this universe and that we are divine beings

To learn more about Christine go to her Instagram at @christinerosebuckley .

Boss Babes

Nathalie Gagnon

Earth Mother | Inspired Soul | Healer

Heather Wells creates the most magnificent crystal bracelets. They are unparalleled in beauty and vibration. I have personally found that since wearing these bracelets that my entire vibration has elevated and that I am able to magnetize even more abundance and inspiration.  Heather has been instrumental in helping me choose the bracelets that have impacted my life in so many miraculous ways. Connecting with Heather's community has opened my awareness to the gifts of these crystals, imbued with the energy that Heather programs into them, to bring so much light and love into our lives. 

I love using them to anchor states of tranquility, inspiration and abundance.  When you wear a LOVEthirteen bracelet, you connect to the gift of these miracles. I wear them every day and love the feeling of them on my wrists, especially when I combine them. The tactile feeling of holding the crystal charms in my palm is very soothing and grounding! I look forward to continuing to build my collection so that I can expand into even more miracles and abundance! 

To learn more about Nathalie go to her Instagram at @nat.gagnon.

Boss Babes

Beth Ross Buckley

Wife | Mother | Musician | Magical Manifester

You might have noticed….I absolutely love my LOVEthirteen crystal bracelets!

As we continue through “uncertain” times – I want to share just one of my many support rituals – LOVEthirteen bracelets and crystals.  Heather is the real deal – she gathers all her exquisite crystals from high level sources and designs stunning pieces.

I discovered these powerful bracelets through my friend Kisma several years ago.  I have worn LOVEthirteen bracelets every day for at least 4 years – I immediately felt the good vibrations when I slipped on the very first one.  Every morning I pick out the bracelet {sss} that will support me through whatever I need to create that day – producing concerts, high-level musical performance, safe travel, communication, friendship…you name it!

The first bracelet that I purchased directly supported selling my house in Mission Hills and buying a perfect match for our family in Alvarado Estates  - of course, there was also much divine action that needed to happen – and I wore my golden rutilated quartz through all of it!

Thank you Heather Wells for your brilliance, spark and magic.  I absolutely adore your creations and your - your bracelets have changed my life!

To learn more about Beth go to her Instagram at @camarada_music.

Boss Babes

Ali Levine

Wife | Mother | Celebrity Stylist & TV Personality

The magic of LOVEthirteen and Heather is something that’s honestly hard to put into words.

I met Heather through a family friend almost a decade ago now and had no idea how much she’d change my life, my perspective, and open my eyes to crystals. I had heard of crystals before, I of course thought they were beautiful but never really understood them till LOVEthirteen and Heather.

When I met Heather, I was in a very dark period of my life - my grandmother, who was my best friend on this earth, had passed and it was like my soul had been ripped away. Not only did Heather give me insight into my pain and healing through her words and our reading together, but she gave me a few beautiful bracelets to wear to help with the healing. In the beginning, I just wore her bracelets cause they were (and are) stunning!!  What’s not to love about them. I started being drawn to different ones and wearing them.

Over time I started to notice shifts in myself, in my openness, in calling in signs, my grandmother, and a lot more. I also would dress and style my clients in these crystals and see a difference in them. There’s true beauty & love behind these crystals!! 

Fast forward to today, I recognize not only the beauty of wearing them daily and having my loved ones and friends wear them, but the real beauty and power inside of me that’s activated by the crystals.

I feel something special and indescribable in wearing them. This inner knowingness is something I feel you can only experience and understand by wearing LOVEthirteen.  I wear my love stacks everywhere I go, whether I’m at home with my girls, on a TV show, at a red carpet event, doing a meditation, they go everywhere with me. I swear you connect with the crystals and you feel the shifts in yourself! 

Even my girls and my husband wear them, and I know my girls receive. I believe my husband does too even if he’s not aware of it, he enjoys wearing them. LOVEthirteen and Heather herself are such gifts!! Such a radiant and beautiful woman and soul!! I can’t explain my gratitude and love for this woman enough! 

I’m truly honored and grateful we not only connected but have done so much work together since and have become friends and soul sisters and soul family! It’s beautiful!! I truly feel my grandmother guided and connected me to her in a time I really needed it. Thank you Heather for sharing your light, your beauty and the most beautiful ...

Boss Babes

Nicole Castka

Attorney | Healer | Sister in all things Light & LOVE

My first piece of LOVEthirteen was larimar in 2015. Once I slipped her on, my heart swelled so immensely as the calm washed over my body. I was hooked. There is not a day that goes by without my LOVEthirteen jewelry. LOVEthirteen provides me grounding, divine wisdom and clarity whether I'm in the courtroom or teaching a class. The immense support from my crystal jewelry has changed me for the better in all my endeavors. And my clients recognize it too. These crystal pieces are of the highest vibrational quality to elevate our lives in all ways. These magnificent crystal pieces are well-worth the investment a thousand times over."

To learn more about Nicole go to her Instagram at @theenlightenedlawyer.

Boss Babes

Destiny Sadler

Positive | Abundant Mindset | Pure Joy

LOVEthirteen has been such a blessing in my life! I was introduced by my friend Mary Kay and I only started with a chakra bracelet! Instantly I felt more in tune  with myself and simply being conscious of my feelings! Soon after I invested in some other bracelets, home pieces and even necklaces! Something about wearing these pieces of art raise my vibration and I feel so alive! I truly believe that each piece reminds everyone to take care of themselves and to listen to that voice inside! I love learning and growing on my crystal journey and LOVEthirteen embodies that learning spirit with so much information to explore! 

To learn more about Destiny go to her Instagram at @ystbyou.

Boss Babes

Kyla Killman

Strong | Inspired | Transcending to Greatness

For me, LOVEthirteen brings me a sense of grounding and peace. A reminder that I’m guarded from negative energies and moving in the right direction of my life, and to be intentional with my thoughts. I was introduced to LOVEthirteen as I was stepping into my season of growth and everyday it serves as a reminder.

I never leave the house without my black obsidian or diopside, but these are only 2 of many.

My diopside LOVEthirteen bracelet also has a buttery charm, and it was gifted to me by a phenomenal friend during what I felt was one of the hardest moments I was in, in a long time. It serves as a reminder that I am letting go, and opening a new door for myself. And for that, it is my favorite LOVEthirteen piece. 

To learn more about Kyla go to her Instagram at @kylakillman_ .

Boss Babes

Jovan Nichols

Wifey | Momma | Creator of Beauty in All Ways

I absolutely love LOVEthirteen bracelets! I  enjoy wearing these amazing pieces everyday. They are not only stunning and aesthetically pleasing to look at but each piece is so unique, special and meaningful. Each beautiful hand made and custom designed piece can be picked out due to what your heart and soul would love to manifest. I am a true believer of positive energy and vibes. LOVEthirteen bracelets help you align your energy throughout the day. In this modern day world with so much going on it is so nice to have something to help you stay centered and at peace. 

To learn more about Jovan go to her Instagram at @jovan_nichols5.

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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Together, let's be leaders in light & love! Connect through email and text to learn more about crystals and the gifts they offer!

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