Rainbow Chakra Bracelet

In this beautiful piece, we have carefully chosen 8 crystals to represent each of our main chakras. White eyed moonstone to represent the God spark. White moonstone represents the Divine Feminine and is highly intuitive. As well, she is known to draw in grace and kindness. Amethyst represents the crown and third eye. This highly intuitive crystal will open your crown and expand your third eye. Expect your intuition to be heightened and your mind’s eye to open with an expanded ability to see, receive and hold you Divine knowing. Lapis Azuli represents the throat chakra. Not only will she clear your throat chakra, supporting you in speaking your truth and honoring the matters of the heart with spoken work, but the pyrite within the lapis will draw in that which you seek – like a magnet. Chrysocola represents the heart chakra. This beautiful love stone is known for its ability to open the heart, allowing you to experience abundant love. Citrine represents the solar plexus – our power house chakra. Citrine is known for her ability to create abundance and money by igniting your willpower! The naval is represented by a rare beauty, red phantom quartz. This spectacular stone has the ability to whisk away all that does not serve, clearing negativity and weight from the body and field. The base chakra is represented by tourmaline – the most grounding and protective crystal we can wear. This powerful shielding stone will keep all negativity out of the body and field. Each of these carefully selected crystals is separated by a herkimer diamond – 8 in total. These high vibrational crystals stream Divine light bringing a radiance to your field. As well, they amplify the properties of the crystal they are next to – enhancing the strength and ability of each healing crystal.

Rainbow Chakra Bracelet – White Moonstone, Amethyst, Lapis Azuli, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Red Phantom Quartz, Herkimer Diamond and Black Tourmaline. 7 inch stretch bracelet.


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It’s More Than Jewelry ®

Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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