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My Light to Yours

With the deepest of gratitude….

Thank you Laura Bravo Mertz for bestowing your beautiful talent of photography on me and on LOVEthirteen. You captured my heart and the heart of LOVEthirteen with flawless IMG_4458finesse. Every image you can literally “feel” my thoughts, my intentions and my heart. Thank you for releasing my inner goddess and the glamour Queen I have always dreamed of being. Through this ever unfolding journey of LOVEthirteen you are no longer simply my photographer, you are my friend. You are my soul sister. It has been an absolute pleasure to grow together as women and support one another as our dreams come true all around us! Laura, you are the finest of beauties, radiating from the inside out in all that you do! Please visit Laura at www.solifoto.com.

My heart has always told me that I am a glamour girl, but it wasn’t until LJ Sharman made my hair that of a true star, that I truly felt like one. Thank you for your countless creations and for your ability to work so seamlessly with everyone, always. LJ, you are simply the best in the business. With you, hair truly is art! Please explore LJ’s work and portfolio on Instagram @LJ.sharman.lj

As is with life, I have learned to trust in my Divinely lit path.  We are always exactly where we are meant to be and in association with exactly who God wants accompanying us.  Courtney Cathleen, I wished for you and you appeared!aloveoct160055  You are such an incredibly talented make-up artist and you continue to surprise and impress me with all you are able to create with the simple flick of your brush and pad or swipe of your contour.  Thank you for stepping into my life and allowing me to truly glow.  Please visit more of Courtney’s work by visiting @lashes_makeup_bycc on Instagram.

SapphireTo my dearest friend, Seth. I have always known my men’s line would be special and that it would stand on it’s own with beauty and grit and strength. As the man who first opened my heart to my spiritual being, it is only natural that yours should be the face of LOVEthirteen for Men. You are bold and fierce, yet you walk with such kindness and grace. Seth, you touch lives in most profound way each and every day, just by being you and shining your light. People cannot help but pause and then follow….I am honored to have you as my “face” and to share in something so beautiful together. To follow Seth as he continues to change and better lives visit him on Instagram @sethgmz.  Also, please stay tuned as Seth creates big things and even bigger ways to give back – beginning with AIDS Lifecycle. Mention AIDS Lifecycle in the comments of any purchase to contribute 20% of your purchase to his worthy cause.

Good things always come from Seth, but one of the best has been his introduction to Stevan Reyes. You have a way of capturing the raw essence of a person – their grit and their beauty all wrapped up into one in your amazing photography. I am delighted to know you and I am excited to see where your work takes you. For more on Stevan follow him on Instagram @_navets or online at stevannavets.com,

There are fewer things that have ever felt more right during this building of my Mother’s legacy, than to share it with my sister. Bon, since youIMG_6987 were a little girl, you could wow a crowd with your written words. I have always revered you as the funniest, most witty, quick and talented of writers and I am honored that you have graced your gift of writing with me and LOVEthirteen. I know mom is smiling down upon us as we head down our path creating something hand-in-hand as sisters and as her daughters. To read more of Bonnie Rada, visit her recently published, 6 page article in Viva Glam under “Press” and socially on Instagram @Bonrada.

To Lex – you taught me that I am limitless and that everything about my spiritual calling is so right and so true. Always reminding me to trust and allow it to unfold. You have taught me how to connect on a deeper level with all the people who matter most to me in my life and with God. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with me and giving life to my vision, my dream.
awells15family120There was a quiet moment on my mat, not long ago, that I was envisioning a perfect life, my perfect life. The picture was a beautifully lit home, with two little boys running around and my husband and I side-by-side building something great – a business and a family together. Building something that far exceeded our wildest dreams, something that was above us. Well, that dream came true! What a gift it has been to build a family business and share in something so beautiful together. To live with purpose and to be of service to others. To create something so truly beyond us together with our boys. It has given our life such depth and meaning and we have cherished every moment! I am amazed and grateful beyond words for all that LOVEthirteen has become. We are blessed. God is good.