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With the deepest of gratitude….

My Light To Yours

Laura Bravo Mertz

Thank you Laura Bravo Mertz for bestowing your beautiful talent of photography on me and on LOVEthirteen. You captured my heart and the heart of LOVEthirteen with flawless finesse. Every image you can literally “feel” my thoughts, my intentions and my heart. Thank you for releasing my inner goddess and the glamour Queen I have always dreamed of being. Through this ever unfolding journey of LOVEthirteen you are no longer simply my photographer, you are my friend. You are my soul sister. It has been an absolute pleasure to grow together as women and support one another as our dreams come true all around us! Laura, you are the finest of beauties, radiating from the inside out in all that you do! Please visit Laura at www.solifoto.com.
My Light To Yours

Kimberly & Conor – Big Red SEO

We had something good – something that worked and was doing great!  Yet, there was often this whisper that it was meant to be more….much more!  Then, along came a sister soul – a seeker who shares in my beliefs, who understands and practices universal law.  As a fellow light worker, I knew with certainty that I wanted her energy and miracle mind behind the controls of our web page.  Only to find out that, like us, she and her husband are partners in life and business!  Kimberly and Conor, two geniuses paired together to create web page magic together!  With them, the stars were aligned, so we went for it!!  ALL IN for a brand new web page!!  They worked together hearts on fire, as though our web page were their own – thinking of every nuance that would make our NEW web page not good, but freaking GREAT!!   Kimberly and Conor we are grateful beyond words and we look forward to many, many years of dream building together!  To learn more of this powerhouse duo, please visit Big Red SEO.
My Light To Yours

Greg Cali

We are always somewhere for a reason and meeting Greg Cali was exactly why I found myself at this cute, little event many years ago.  He snapped an image of me working and sent me the photo.  Through his lens, my crystal babies came alive!  The day Greg Cali started shooting for us was the day that LOVEthirteen went to a whole new level!  Although his gifts extend far beyond product photography, he simply has a way with LOVEthirteen.  Through his work, our business and our webpage elevated!  As entrepreneurs, we have dreamed and we have envisioned such beauty together.  And, thanks to Greg, we have created it!!  To learn more about Greg, please visit The Cali Life Photography at The Cali Life.
My Light To Yours

Cindy Stirling

Hands down one of the best parts of being a glamour girl, is having a glam squad! It is something I have always dreamed of and I absolutely soak up every minute when I get to be on the receiving end of beauty and glamour! Cindy Stirling your presence has transformed my Golden Goddess Glam Squad! You are so insanely talented and I feel so blessed to have you on my team!! I am in awe of your ability to transform me from one look to the next and all within record speed! You have a flawless eye with styling and I love how fluidly you work with Laura. We are truly the dream team together and I adore you!! For more on Cindy’s work, please visit @cindystirling_muah on IG.
My Light To Yours


To my dearest friend, Seth. I have always known my men’s line would be special and that it would stand on it’s own with beauty and grit and strength. As the man who first opened my heart to my spiritual being, it is only natural that yours should be the face of LOVEthirteen for Men. You are bold and fierce, yet you walk with such kindness and grace. Seth, you touch lives in most profound way each and every day, just by being you and shining your light. People cannot help but pause and then follow….I am honored to have you as my “face” and to share in something so beautiful together.
My Light To Yours

Bonnie Rada

There are fewer things that have ever felt more right during this building of my Mother’s legacy, than to share it with my sister. Bon, since you were a little girl, you could wow a crowd with your written words. I have always revered you as the funniest, most witty, quick and talented of writers and I am honored that you have graced your gift of writing with me and LOVEthirteen. I know mom is smiling down upon us as we head down our path creating something hand-in-hand as sisters and as her daughters. We eagerly anticipate your upcoming written works of art….To read more of Bonnie Rada, visit her recently published, 6 page article in Viva Glam under “Press” and socially on Instagram @Bonrada.

There was a quiet moment on my mat, not long ago, that I was envisioning a perfect life, my perfect life. The picture was a beautifully lit home, with two little boys running around and my husband and I side-by-side building something great – a business and a family together. Building something that far exceeded our wildest dreams, something that was above us. Well, that dream came true!

What a gift it has been to build a family business and share in something so beautiful together. To live with purpose and to be of service to others. To create something so truly beyond us together with our boys. It has given our life such depth and meaning and we have cherished every moment!

I am amazed and grateful beyond words for all that LOVEthirteen has become. We are blessed. God is good.

Heather Wells

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

Grab Your $25
Gift Card!

Together, let's be leaders in light & love! Connect through email and text to learn more about crystals and the gifts they offer!

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