Spiritual Glamour®

Heather Wells, creator, and designer of LOVEthirteen Spiritual Glamour jewelry, is seeking to redefine glamour.  Heather isn’t a typical jewelry designer.  Yes, she loves all things sparkly, chic and beautiful, but it’s the emotional, spiritual connection to her customers that drives her as a designer.  Heather has a passion for helping people live their best life; her jewelry designs seek to empower women beyond physical expression by connecting them to their inner strength and beauty.  The LOVEthirteen woman knows that in order too look beautiful and powerful, you have to feel beautiful and powerful.  Heather has a gift for feeling what each customer needs, and LOVEthirteen strives to embody that internal, spiritual side of beauty unique to each customer.

Heather’s desire to elevate each LOVEthirteen customer is the reason that she hand-selects each precious gem, semi-precious stone, crystal, and pendant for their various energetic properties.  Heather thoughtfully designs each piece and infuses her work with positive intention during the creation process.  This unique blend of Material with Ethereal is what helps the wearer discover and connect to their most powerful and glamorous self.  LOVEthirteen is infused with an energy that actually feels good on the body; it is designed to both inspire and attract goodness into the wearer’s life.

To Heather Wells, glamour is all about divine empowerment.  And nothing is more empowering than feeling beautiful and letting the world see your true beauty.  That’s Spiritual Glamour®.

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It’s More Than Jewelry ®

Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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It’s More Than Jewelry ®

Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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