LOVEthirteen Jewelry - The Story behind our jewelry

LOVEthirteen – The Story

love thirteen jewelry, san diego based designsLOVE [luhv] noun: A profound, unselfish expression of benevolence and devoted affection

THIRTEEN [thur-teen] noun: A number that speaks to honoring ones intuition, and moving from one chapter of life to the next with grace and purity of heart.

LOVEthirteen was borne out of a lifelong passion for creative expression and beautiful things. I have always endeavored to bring glamour and fun to my everyday life, but for many years, my desire for creative expression took a backseat to having a family and running a household.

Then, at the end of 2013, my beloved mother was diagnosed with an aggressive terminal illness, and we were told that she had just a few months to live. This painful chapter in my life forced me to recognize the fleeting beauty of living, and it gave me the courage I needed to commit to what I had always dreamed of doing. LOVEthirteen is a physical expression of my desire to celebrate the brief and beautiful gift of life.

With my husband’s full support, I made my first set of bracelets in the Spring of 2014. Each bead and pendant is intended to foster and inspire spiritual growth, while the chains serve as a playful reminder of life’s hard edges. The combined elements are a glamorous, wearable reminder to live each day to its fullest, and to never stop seeking your higher self.

LOVEthirteen jewelry is so much more than pretty baubles, and it is bigger than my dream come true. Each piece is designed with the intention to honor my mother’s life by filling the world with beauty, happiness, positivity, and love. My hope is that these intentions are felt and joyfully received by each person who wears LOVEthirteen.

In Love and Light,

Heather Wells 

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