The Elements

You are your sign and you are certainly your element!  By better understanding your element – the traits and characteristics which you embody – you will better understand the way in which crystals can serve you –  to shine the light on your strengths, to heal and to bring harmony within.



Earth signs are incredibly grounded and loyal individuals.  With a heart for creating security, they will often put their responsibilities first – always creating, working and making good decisions on  how to spend their time and with who as they build.  They are the people that others lean into for solid advice and guidance and they have a built in sense of right and wrong and will not be easily deterred from their Divine knowing.  Earth angels consider deeply the risk before making a move and are often quite stubborn in their thinking and resistant to change.  These incredible goal oriented and driven individuals love to achieve and they LOVE to have and enjoy the finer things.  In fact, living abundantly is the root to much of their desire for discipline, their persistence and their ability to work endlessly to accomplish their dreams!



These highly sensitive and caring souls are of the most observant and instinctive under the sun.  With instincts in “seeing and knowing” that are seldom wrong, they will understand the integrity of a person, or situation with ease and cannot be tricked.  Water signs are incredibly emotional beings and while this can provide them with great wisdom, their emotions can easily take them out of center.  Being content and happy often comes from the depth, connection and intimacy they share with their tribe – the people they cherish and love!  When presented with too many decisions to make, they can be challenged and fall pray to indecisiveness and a removed mind.  While they love deeply, these sensitive and sometimes mysterious souls, also need time alone – to unwind their thoughts, to solve a problem…to just BE.  To the water sign, rules do not apply and this is for the best as you can count on their perspective to always be unique, imaginative and creative beyond measure!



Fire signs are passionate, dynamic and self-aware souls who hold a yearning in their hearts for excitement and a seeking of enlightenment!  Their energy can be so intoxicating for others that the people around them want to be in their lives just to breathe in the fun they create!  As highly intelligent and intuitive beings, fire signs have an enate ability to detect opportunity and are rarely wrong when they receive their “ping” of Divine Guidance.  If put in a vulnerable situation, they may put up an arrogant front and fall behind their ego, yet even in the worst of times others will feel safe in their presence.  Opportunities and challenges will always be tacked head on with unflappable determination.  While they can anger easily, they also forgive with ease and are of the most caring and loving individuals.



These incredibly intelligent and expansive thinkers are some of the greatest minds under the sun – often changing the world with their deep-thinking minds and revolutionary thoughts.  Even though one of their great gifts is to elude and be unseen, air signs are with certainty the greatest communicators in the zodiac!  From Geminis holding the most rewarding and interesting conversations, to Aquarius leading entire teams and companies to great victory with their communication abilities, to Libras connecting and communicating with all souls from a place of love and neutrality.  These incredibly intelligent beings seek to be intrigued and have fun with a dislike for blasé and being bored.  As well, these master thinkers can be relied upon for having the facts, knowing the truth and likely never making decisions based upon emotion – yet, always in full knowing what IS.  These curious and inquisitive souls yearn to dive into the big questions of life and do so with open-mindedness and supreme objectivity.

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

Grab Your $25
Gift Card!

Are you seeking an even deeper level of connection?! Let’s connect
through email and text!

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