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These are interesting times, friends. Once again, I am in AWE of the Universe and her ability to give crystals just as we NEED them! My dreams have been swirling with how these crystal babies ask to be paired with one another in order to support us in being our highest and best during times of such choice – fear and sickness, or love and health. Our intention was to create a single piece that embodies all of what we would normally put into a LOVEstack. The power players today are hypersthene to expand and protect your field. When we keep our field clean and clear, we keep our body clean and clear. Shungite to alleviate fears and anxiety and bring harmony to any imbalance within the physical body. Shungite clears the solar plexus – when you clear this chakra, you cleanse every organ within the body! Tourmaline to protect and shield your field and body. Tanzanite is the violet flame of crystals and is a powerful metaphysical healer – meaning she has the ability to turn negative thinking and patterns into positive ones. When we do this we welcome a higher level of thinking and of well-being – we transcend. Of course, each piece gets 3 herkimer diamonds between the shungite and a large herkimer diamond to hold in your palm as the pendant. Herkimer diamonds not only stream Divine Light, but they amplify the properties of each crystal used. Power. Players.

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It’s More Than Jewelry ®

Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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