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Spiritual Beaded Jewelry

One thing Yoginis do well…is following their heart. Period. These women who soulfully pour their hearts out onto their mats, know that Yoga is about the beautiful realization that surfaces through remembering that we are all connected to one another. Yoginis artfully align themselves into the postures of a sequence, somehow dancing seamlessly, and stringing their breath through each pose as if their breath was the thread and the postures the stones of a LOVEthirteen bracelet.

For a Yogini, their practice becomes their offering of love – the same as Heather’s offering of love through the spiritual glamour® jewelry pieces of LOVEthirteen. Each LOVEthirteen piece aligns gracefully with the heart and soul of a Yogini for their philosophies are the same – Believing in the power of Union, the power of connecting to themselves, and therefore connecting to everything around them.

LOVEthirteen spiritual jewelry pieces are about balanced energy – a blending of masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is held within the stable and rock solid crystals and stones. Feminine energy is the creative movement that orchestrates the dance of life, which is perfectly captured in the free-spirited movement of the chain-fringe and tassels. This balance of opposites, call forth a balance of pairs in you – whether that is your own masculine and feminine energies or harmonizing your yin and yang energies, your LOVEthirteen piece will automatically start to balance and harmonize your thoughts, feelings and energy.

The spiritual jewelry pieces of LOVEthirteen ask you to receive. Yes, it’s time for you to simple receive. Especially women who are on a spiritual path, it is very often that they find themselves giving and giving more often than they receive. And yes, it’s because the urban yogini has opened her heart extra wide while walking her spiritual path and now has more capacity to love, give and serve, yet…the pulsation of give and receive is just as significant as the daily exchange of the sun and the moon. LOVEthirteen’s collections inspired by spiritual jewelry holds in it a gift of energy to the woman that wears the piece. The owner of a LOVEthirteen piece can simply receive the sweet prayers, essence and intentions laced within each piece day after day after day.

One of the greatest accessories in the spiritual jewelry genre is the “headpiece.” Drawing inspiration from Indian and tribal cultures, the headpiece is worn to honor not only the Goddess, but the Queen within us all. The moment the spiritual yogini selects her headpiece, it’s an energetic calling upon the Goddess that has been waiting to be summoned by her into the light. The urban yogini adorns herself with spiritual jewelry because she understands it’s not only okay to be beautiful, to celebrate femininity, but it is essential to the world to stand unleashed in the True Power of the Goddess within.

Visualize this. The yogini takes you into her contemplation room, where the first hit to your senses is the faint smell of sandalwood. As she lights a few candles and calls you to sit in front of her altar, your eyes behold the magic and mystery behind this woman’s empowered living. She unveils to you her tray or LOVEthirteen pieces yet instead of showing them all to you at once, she enjoys the slow unfolding, pulling one piece out at a time and telling the story of how the piece came to be hers, why she chose it (or it chose her), and how her relationship with the piece has grown and evolved since she received it. The reflection of the candlelight in her eyes, shows the heart connection the yogini has to each piece of her LOVEthirteen collection. She knows each piece is different; it’s impossible to choose a favorite, yet they are all priceless treasures in her eyes.

The spiritual yogini is drawn to energy…not just aesthetic beauty or expensive quality…she sees behind the piece or item to the energy that both created it and is held within it. The yogini holds the “story” of LOVEthirteen’s precious pieces sacred, rather than the actual material or monetary value. LOVEthirteen is the yogini’s choice for spiritual jewelry because “it’s not about the jewelry,” and the yogini’s alert sensitivity to what lies behind the veil of the physical world is heightened and crystal clear. She experiences it all – everything from the creation of LOVEthirteen birthed out of loss, the heroine who followed her lifelong dream, a woman’s choice to live in vulnerability and make offerings from the authentic space of her heart, the hand-selected materials chosen not solely because of quality but on meaning and purity, the LOVE that flowed through from the Oneness into this world and into the creation of the piece, to the magic of destiny delivering each piece to its rightful heir – the spiritual yogini FEELS it all when she slides on her LOVEthirteen bracelets. LOVEthirteen – it’s not about the jewelry, but the story …made with meaning, given with meaning, worn with meaning.

LOVEthirteen’s spiritual beaded jewelry enhances the glow of your aura rather than diminish it with heavy or gaudy chain and stones that are out of proportion with each other. The exquisite art of balance and harmony is practiced as each piece of LOVEthirteen’s collection is designed and created. There is thought to each link of chain, string of bead and crystals laced within the piece, nothing is left to default.

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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Together, let's be leaders in light & love! Connect through email and text to learn more about crystals and the gifts they offer!

Love-Thirteen - Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry

It’s More Than Jewelry ®

Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

Grab Your $25
Gift Card!

Together, let's be leaders in light & love! Connect through email and text to learn more about crystals and the gifts they offer!

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