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Sisterhood Of The Traveling Bracelet: A Story Of Miracles & Healing

Caution: Reading this story may cause miracles!

If you do not desire to feel more inspired, more connected to the Divine and more open to Love and Miracles please stop here. Below is a story that will not only leave you feeling saturated in Love, you will walk away from it with more possibility for your own healing miracles.

Heather Frank is a giant in the world of generosity and giving back to the world around her. Even in the midst of her own healing journey with cancer which she shares more of below she continued to travel all over the country hosting the premier charity fundraising event for fashionistas everywhere, Wine Women & Shoes.

Below she shares her courageously open-hearted story of how LOVEthirteen found her, and the miraculous healing impact Heather and these special jewels have had on not only her, but many women after her! Take a moment to open your heart wide, and receive the gift that’s buried in the treasure of Heather’s story just for you…

“Some might read this story and say it’s coincidence, but I know meeting Heather Wells and LOVEthirteen was more than coincidence – it was a miracle.

There are moments and people that change your life. You might not recognize it at the time, but upon reflection, you can pinpoint the exact moment that kick-started a series of events that forever leave their mark on you…or perhaps, the universe. I work for a company called Wine Women & Shoes, traveling around the country to partner with charities to help them reach their fundraising goals through a fun, chic, mission-driven event. A piece of the event includes a pop-up marketplace, featuring local and national vendors showcasing their unique goods, something I always look forward to perusing.

At the San Diego Wine Women & Shoes event a few years ago, as I normally would, I walked up to a vendor table and picked up a gorgeous piece of jewelry. It was a stunning bracelet with a large clear crystal and I was immediately drawn to it. I looked up and asked the beautiful woman behind the table, who I would come to know as Heather Wells, “What is this crystal?” She didn’t skip a beat and replied, “That is a healing crystal.” I immediately burst into tears. What Heather and almost everyone in my life, even those closest to me, didn’t know is that I had recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

At 32 years old I was in the middle of radiation treatments, I was battling a torrent of emotions and I was trying desperately to keep it together physically and mentally – for my job and the charities who rely on me, for my husband and most of all, for my two sons. Heather came from behind the table to hug me, and without hesitation handed the bracelet to me. “Keep this. It’s a gift. It belongs with you,” she said. This was my moment.

The moment that forever changed me, elevated me and made me a believer in the special power of LOVE.

What I couldn’t see then, was how this moment, MY moment, would kick-start a chain reaction that would change so much more than my heart. I was coming to the end of my radiation treatments and my connection to this bracelet was indescribable. The attachment to what it had gifted me and the evolution of believing in its strength inspired me. I was seeing healing in my body and in my life – in ways I’d never thought possible. During my last (yes, LAST) doctors visit, my husband I sat calmly in the waiting room, in stark contrast to the anxiousness we felt during the first several visits. Across from us sat a couple, clearly struggling with their emotions. The anxiousness that wracked through their bodies was so familiar to me that I could see without asking that the woman was just beginning her journey. Sure enough, she was there for her very first chemo treatment. And just as Heather Wells had done for me, without hesitation, I took off my beloved bracelet and gave it away.

I shared the meaning of the crystal and a little bit of my story, about the healing it had helped bring to me and asking her to find strength, love and a sisterhood of support in the gift. After running my fingers over the crystal that had given me so much hope, I placed the healing crystal in her hands. I am a cancer survivor. Although I still often find areas of my life that need healing, in that moment it became as clear to me as the crystal was – it had belonged with me and it had helped me on my journey, but now, it belonged with this woman who was just embarking on hers.

I didn’t know it then, but that was the next step in creating a Journey of Love with this piece. The bracelet has now been passed between 5 different women facing cancer. The woman I handed it to finished her treatments, and gave it to another young lady. The story of healing repeated itself and now the healing crystal from this LOVEthirteen gift has been with 4 cancer survivors and a 5th strong woman who is still in her treatments. That bracelet has become a “pay it forward” omen, a healing talisman, and a great reminder of the power of hope, love, inspiration and strength in the history of this bracelet’s journey, and in each of our own.

I was also lucky enough to build a friendship with the woman behind the table of gorgeous jewelry. Heather Wells of LOVEthirteen is now one of my best friends, a woman that supplies me with love, light, healing, and a friendship that is priceless. I have continued to collect pieces of her jewelry each time I see her at a Wine Women & Shoes event. Not only are LOVEthirteen’s pieces beautiful; each stone, each bead, each crystal has meaning.

What you are drawn to at the table, or on the website, is usually telling. If you’re stressed, if you’re aching, if you’re needing peace, Heather has a piece of jewelry for you. Taking those pieces from beyond the table or the site, taking it home and wearing it with pride, you feel a sense of confidence, strength, and peace.

I have had many life changing moments in the course of all of the events I have been a part of over the past 6+ years, but meeting Heather Wells, finding that healing crystal, and a dear friend, has been one of the best unexpected perks of this job.

My hope is that all who encounter Heather and her gorgeous line will not only appreciate her light and her professionalism, but will also choose to take a piece home to enhance and support their own life.

Know that when you put on a LOVEthirteen piece, you are putting on more than just jewelry – you are putting on hope, healing and most of all, LOVE.

I view each piece of jewelry as an investment in my business, my relationship and my life, because all three improve when I’m wearing LOVEthirteen. It would be easy to call it magic, but it’s not. It’s the powerful, loving energy Heather infuses into each individual piece. It’s a form of transformation that is equal parts spiritual as it is glamorous. The perfect combination to bring life a whole lot of upgrades and a whole lot of fun!!”

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

Grab Your $25
Gift Card!

Together, let's be leaders in light & love! Connect through email and text to learn more about crystals and the gifts they offer!

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