Glamour Jewelry

Celebrating the feminine shape and sensuality to the top-notch, a Glamour Girl catches your attention (and steals your heart) with just a simple strut in her sexy stilettos or a bat of her long lashes. There’s no resisting staring at the girl who’s slightly over-dressed than everyone else and 100% owns it! It’s more important for these Glam Girls to celebrate the beauty of being a WOMAN than it is to fit in with a crowd.  These women believe you cannot have too much of a good thing – including fringe, tassel and chain! That’s why LOVEthirteen glamour jewelry is in their daily rotation of jewelry. LOVEthirteen pieces honor the fabulous glam girl’s desire for pieces that rock their world. Every piece in LOVEthirteen’s collection is loaded with glittery and metallic chain that moves like fringe and adds sex appeal to any outfit. These Glamour Girls finally found jewelry that stands out just as much as they do.

Picture this. A gorgeous starlet steps out onto the red carpet and instantly the flashes begin to go off. She stands alone, mesmerizing everyone with her confidence and beauty. Somehow…someway, she has been preparing for this moment her whole life – to be in the spotlight and steal the show. As the flashes go off, photo after phone taken capturing every curve of her body and the bone structure of her face, her wrists stacked with LOVEthirteen bracelets shimmer and sparkle more than the seductive glimmer of her eyes…if that were even possible. The chain-fringe tassels dangle on both of her wrists, and with every movement she makes, the fringe seems to hypnotize everyone with its sensual sway.

Glamour jewelry needs to be bold enough to stand up against the flashiest of them all. You can count on the truth that LOVEthirteen beaded glamour jewelry bracelets won’t get lost in all the bright lights the Glam Girl is (constantly) surrounded by. LOVEthirteen bracelets, necklaces and body chains are all so uniquely different that you can find the perfect “statement” piece to “enhance” your appearance while the jewelry doesn’t take you over or get lost in the look.

LOVEthirteen loves to celebrate the feminine body. Period. That is why the pieces that call to the heart of the glamour girl will probably be the ones that are loaded with high quality chain (Rhodium – a platinum family metal), to create the LOVEthirteen signature chain-fringe tassels. You can never have too much a good thing, right? The quality of the chain is very important, as LOVEthirteen wants to honor the women who have put effort and energy into taking great care of their bodies.

Glamour Jewelry will never go out of style.