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Our Family’s Offering of LOVE

8 years ago, we lost everything. Starting with the loss of my mother. And, shortly thereafter, the loss of our business, home, and lifestyle as we knew it. If you know me, or have heard me speak, you know this story. LOVEthirteen was created out of the loss of my mom. Was she a jewelry designer, or a healer? No, she was not. Yet, her soul’s parting gift to me was what would soon become our family business, LOVEthirteen. In the timeless way that time is, it is as if her soul could see ahead to the journey that was to come and what was meant to be.

I dreamed (our now trademarked design), for 3 years before finding not only the courage to create my visions, but also before receiving the download that now was the time. I could never have known in this moment that LOVEthirteen would be so much more than a mom with a hobby. That it would soon become our main source of income, and our family business.

Mom had been sick for months and I knew in my heart, we wouldn’t have much longer. My commitment during this time was to live brightly and big! To show our boys that life is precious and that we are meant to live our greatest expressions of ourselves! During this chapter of life, I gave myself daily prayer time. This personal gift to self gave me strength and allowed me to be strong and clear during a time where I may have more easily crumbled. It was also during this prayer time, that the nudge from above became undeniable. I was to do what I was being shown visions of…I was to create the Spiritual Glamour that is now LOVEthirteen.

Straight out of the gates, LOVEthirteen was strong and powerful. As though it had a life of its own. It was clear from the beginning that this calling was blessed and that it was meant to be great. Great, for us yes, but also great for many. We were meant to be the vessel, the conduit for miracles and goodness in others.

Mom passed and my grief was overwhelming. This beautiful thing healed my grief by giving me the ability to create with my hands and then connect with women over the jewelry. In the most indescribable way (which I have become more than accustomed to now) women would flock to me – sharing their most intimate hurts and pains. An exchange of healing would happen – I would heal them by sharing my story and through my blessed, healing crystal jewelry and they would heal me with their openness to share, connect and receive. It was the most beautiful exchange of energy. And it was elevating to all parties – in all ways.

Within months, LOVEthirteen had turned into a bit of sensation! It was really doing well and being received by all sorts of beautiful women. One person led to the next and one event led to another. Within these early months, we were asked to become a national vendor with Wine Women and Shoes – a stunning company that host incredible charity events across the country. Overnight, we were given a national footprint. LOVEthirteen truly had wings!

As life does, it changes quickly. And it did. Brian went through a devastating loss of betrayal by his family and his hugely successful company disintegrated leaving him broken from not only the loss of his family, but the loss of his life’s work and business. We lost our home and all the things that we knew as our way of living – homes, planes, and money. Here is where the glimmer in the eye of the Divine is so remarkable. Long before we could have ever known we were going to need something; it was already being given to us. We had something. We had LOVEthirteen. We decided in a deep and heartfelt moment to build something together – hand in hand, a family business bound and created by love.

With Brian’s expertise in building business, we grew and expanded with ease. He (as I like to say) does all the hard stuff and I get to do all of the fun stuff! My gifts with crystals and working with light continued to reveal themselves. Crystals are a second language to me – I hear them, I feel them, I honor their requests to be activated by light to heal and bring miracles into the lives of those who adorn themselves with them. Crystal bracelets expanded into crystals period. Our blessed crystal offering for the home – Home and Healing – was born early on and continues to be a beautiful offering of healing within LOVEthirteen.

And now,  we still stand hand in hand, creating and living and breathing a gift of love.  8 years later, we realize we didn’t loose everything.  Rather, we were given everything. This thing called LOVEthirteen, healed both Brian and me of our hurts and fortified us – gifting us a new way of being – a successful family AND business! LOVEthirteen has continued to grow and blossom, and we have continued to honor our foundation based on a model of giving back. We continue to travel the country, supporting worthy causes and connecting with wonderful women coast to coast. This is our offering. May it continue to be received and may we continue to expand and grow and heal one another, one beautiful, blessed healing crystal bracelet at a time.

With so much love, we hope our story brings hope and inspiration, namaste.

Heather, Brian, Jordan & Trystan

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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Together, let's be leaders in light & love! Connect through email and text to learn more about crystals and the gifts they offer!

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

Grab Your $25
Gift Card!

Together, let's be leaders in light & love! Connect through email and text to learn more about crystals and the gifts they offer!

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