Life Of The Party

Jewelry designer Heather Wells is getting ready to party. We are sitting in her tidy, feminine bedroom where we have been discussing LOVEthirteen, her unique line of bracelets, necklaces, and body chains. Littering her vanity are the standard trappings of personal party prep: curlers, mascara wands and tubes of gloss. But there is also a candle burning next to a small figure of an angel and a picture of an attractive older woman locked in a beaming embrace with a younger Heather. At the moment, however, all these things stand ignored; Heather has her eyes closed. She has been sitting in silent meditation for several minutes. A few bars of a familiar country tune drift in from another room. Minutes tick by. Suddenly, Heather breathes deeply and opens her hazel-green eyes, and I am treated to a radiant smile. She turns to her vanity mirror and resumes party primping.

“That’s my mom, our forever angel,” says Heather, nodding to the picture between swipes of mascara. “She’s the reason that LOVEthirteen exists.”

You see, LOVEthirteen is not a traditional jewelry line and Heather Wells is not a typical designer. Her mother’s battle with terminal cancer 2 years ago inspired Heather to create a line of jewelry that was glamorous (of course) but that also brought meaning and intent into the wearer’s life. Heather hand-selects her stones and pendants for their various energetic properties: feeling unbalanced? Try her amethyst bracelets with a lotus charm. Go through a bad break-up? You need a stack of chrysocolla. Searching for the love of your life? Wear a LOVEthirteen body-chain with an opulent larimar stone centered on your heart chakra.

Heathers’ mission is to inspire and encourage people to live their best possible life, both through the energy of her jewelry and through philanthropy.

“Philanthropy is a cornerstone of this business,” says Heather, who is touching up a flawless burgundy pucker, “And the women and men who are drawn to LOVEthirteen tend to have involvements with various charitable organizations. I think we find each other because we have similar passions for giving back.” To date, Heather has raised thousands of dollars through LOVEthirteen for a few dozen local charities, the highlights of which are over $12,000 for San Diego’s Ronald McDonald House through ROMP, and over $11,000 through Wine, Women and Shoes.

And speaking of shoes, Heather is stepping into a sky-high pair right now, the fringe and shiny red soles complimenting her all-black ensemble. “Giving back is the reason I chose to sell my jewelry through private parties, galas and charity functions,” she says, standing without a teeter, “that, and it gives me the opportunity to touch people directly. I want to know what’s happening in each person’s life. I want to know their story. It’s important to me to not only hear what they want, but to feel what they really need.”

Perhaps that personal touch is the reason so many women from Miami to Nashville to Denver to Dallas (as well as at home in Southern California) are clamoring to meet Heather and wear her designs. That, and the positive energy the women feel when wearing LOVEthirteen. “Women leave LOVEthirteen parties feeling beautiful and empowered,” says Heather, “and they feel good knowing that they’re supporting a charity that matters to them.” Heather laughs, “Glamour and giving back, plus a party! It’s the best of all worlds!” 

And we are ready to party right now. But before stepping out to drive off in an SUV loaded with her creations, Heather pauses to stack on her own LOVEthirteen. Tonight’s charity, Voices for Children in San Diego, is counting on a hefty donation, so she chooses citrine stones to bring wealth and abundance, and tourmaline to help her keep a clear, grounded focus. Finally, she layers on a few pieces of labradorite.

“Labradorite helps to bring serendipity, fun and a bit of magic,” Heather says with a wink.

It is, after all, a party.

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

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Glamorous Spiritual Crystal Jewelry to Elevate the Body, Mind & Soul

Grab Your $25
Gift Card!

Are you seeking an even deeper level of connection?! Let’s connect
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