From Heather’s Dreams To Your Wrist - LOVEthirteen by Heather Wells

From Heather’s Dreams To Your Wrist

It’s quiet this morning, the kind of quiet that only happens when most humans are sleeping, and all you can hear is stillness. Heather strolls peacefully into her sparkling studio of jewels to begin a day of making magic for you and me. A few candles are lit as she sits on her meditation seat, a seat well-worn from time after time of sitting down to connect with the Divine.

This morning, she eases into her morning meditation with a gentle smile on her face, she can feel there’s extra magic to be shared today. If you’ve ever wondered what makes LOVEthirteen so special, what that extra something is that you can feel but you can’t quite describe, it’s a product of what comes next…

Opening her eyes with that same gentle smile she started her meditation with, Heather begins her devotion. Before her hands ever touch a single stone, she takes time each morning to amplify Love and Divine Light through her energy work. If you were here watching her, you may think she was just doing an interesting dance with her hands, but for anyone who knows Heather, you know what’s really going on. Each morning, Heather takes the time to cleanse her own energy, to be the highest, purest vessel of Love she can be so that the bracelets she makes can’t help but follow suit. It’s truly beautiful to witness, but she doesn’t stop there.

Once she’s finished with her work on herself, Heather spends many moments sending blessings to her family and loved ones, blessings to the world and those who need it, and blessings to all who would encounter LOVEthirteen, which in this moment, is you. I bet if you closed your eyes and took a breath, you’d feel a wave of that Love was over you right now…

Notice how we’ve already been with her all this time, and she hasn’t even touched the creation station yet… It’s the foundational reason LOVEthirteen possesses the magic and power that is does. The second reason is this, and it’s the most fun reason of all. Each piece of LOVEthirteen jewelry that you see came from one of Heather’s DREAMS! No not like she dreamed them up as in made them up. Nope. Heather makes each piece first in her dreams while she sleeps! THEN, after going through the ritual you just experienced with her above, she selects each stone from her piles of glittering glamour and begins to craft what she dreamt of the night before into one of the many creations of LOVE you see.

The magic doesn’t get anymore real than that. The piece of LOVEthirteen jewelry you select was first dreamt in this beautiful woman’s sleep, then blessed with the highest, purest energy, and finally, hand-crafted by hands that have not only been cleansed and blessed each morning, but by hands that have been praying for YOU.

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