New Beginnings LOVEstack (New!)

You are a brand new version of you with a clear perspective on what you want and what you wish to create for yourself in life. Lace pyrite is a swirl of blue lace agate and pyrite – both work together to wash away, cleanse your being and from this new and open place, attract pure goodness in! Like a magnet, you will attract your heart’s desires into your new, clean vessel. The two lace pyrite pieces have been paired with a single bracelet of the coveted blue lace agate. She will cleanse, detoxify and restore – creating space in all ways within as you openly receive all that the lace pyrite attracts in! These pieces are adorned with herkimer diamond and lace pyrite pendants. 7 inch stretch bracelets.

$670.00 $603.00

Availability: In stock

INTENTION: Cleanse & Refresh

Crystal Elements of the LOVEstack

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