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WARNING: LOVEthirteen’s BLACK label may induce a mesmerizing infatuation with LOVE – with oneself, each other and all things.

Be prepared to be seduced by the luxuriousness of precious rubies and sapphires, on pieces dripping with black diamonds. Your intoxication with LOVEthirteen just got more all-consuming – we warned you. Yet, we can’t resist our desire to tempt you with the magnetic pull of black diamonds on pieces that are so precious they must be tenderly touched and handled adoringly. These pieces suggestiveness of sensuous spirituality provokes a trance like state of posh, passion, glamour and absolute Truth. Spiritually speaking, absolute Truth is the one place where fear cannot exist. BLACK label is our luxe line – tempting you with the richness of rubies and sapphires, all embellished with a LOVEthirteen pendant adorned with a single black diamond. To Heather, this side of LOVEthirteen is unveiling the spirituality in the most alluring and “glamorous” stones. These precious stones – rubies, sapphires and black diamonds – feel so different on than others. Their lavishness puts them into the category of royal jewels…and the metaphysical power lying hidden within them is so potent, it is hard to imagine it ever being tamed or controlled.

The BLACK Label Woman

A dimly lit bar is highlighted slightly by the different shades of gray forming from the socialites shadows and their cigar smoke. They all sip martinis, entrenched in each other and lost in the mysterious night. All of them pretend not to notice the sultry, raven-haired woman with perfect blood lips standing alone at the end of the bar. Her backless dress dips illegally low, revealing just enough to seduce and steal the attention of every available man in the room and convince them that they are lost in rapture and drunk off her bliss. She orders a fine scotch, flirting with the barman in a way that makes him uncomfortable…he must look away for her penetrating beauty knows no limits. As she reaches for her scotch through the darkened haze of the room, her wrist, dripping in black diamonds, somehow cuts through the shadows and adds a depth, dimension and light to the dark room. She adds something the whole place was desperately missing before she arrived – something it desperately needed. She places her lips to the glass. Those full lips wrapping around the edge in the perfect pressure as not to ruin her perfectly painted lips. As the scotch finally meets her tongue, her eyes gently close to savor and enjoy the moment. As her eyes reopen, her gaze pierces the barman in recognition of her satisfaction with only the very best. Her aura is truly too big for the room to contain. She contains not just the whole room, but the whole world inside of her. Her magical and sensuous energy envelops everyone there. Slowing, without them knowing (even if they did, no one could resist her magnetism), she encompasses everyone into her trance-like gravitational pull. She pulls them all into TRUTH. Truth is this woman’s religion. She gave her life to this path a long time ago when she surrendered to Truth’s unparalleled power to cut through illusion to unveil what fear typically shields. There is so much freedom in submission. She is free from fear, embracing Truth and allowing it to always guide her decisions. This woman is completely open in heart, body and mind for in Truth she has found the permission she has always yearned for – permission to embody the woman, the goddess and the Queen she truly is without fear, without hesitancy and without restraint. Most importantly, she embodies her Truest Self without apology. Free from inappropriate moderation or rigid self-discipline, she lets Truth decide in each moment where she’ll end up. Trusting fully in the Truth that the more wild and unpredictable the journey is, the more unexpected bliss is waiting for her at her final destination.