LOVEthirteen Merchandise

Now experience the healing energy of LOVEthirteen within our merchandise line!

LOVEpotion No.13

Like all things LOVEthirteen, LOVEpotion No.13 was born in a dream. Her intention in coming to life is to support the beautiful wearers of LOVEthirteen in keeping their physical body clear, their energy body clear and therefore – their LOVEthirteen crystal jewelry clear to do what it is here to do – keep you shiny bright and attracting miracles into your life in all ways of being, having and doing!

Crystal Water Bottles
Infused with Divine Light & Love

The goodness that you have come to know and feel of LOVEthirteen is now available to you in your water bottle! LOVEthirteen crystal water bottles – brilliantly harmonized crystals, created and infused with Divine Light and LOVE to bring vibrancy, healing and love into your daily life! Expect miracles in your day!

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