The Giving Heart LOVEstack - Version 2 (New!)

This set of 3 LOVEthirteen bracelets is created in honor of the woman with the greatest capacity to have and hold for others, Heather Frank. She IS the giving heart. My wish is that the goodness that she seeks and creates for others is passed along to you as the wearer of her stack. May you know what it is to be loved, to be given to…to receive without strings or limitations on the gifts given. White lace agate is one of the purest crystals I have had the pleasure of working with. She washes away negativity, clears blockages and cleanses the icky out. What is left in her wake is a bright, vibrant openness – a vessel ready to receive. Two white lace agate pieces have been paired with aquamarine – a crystal of tranquility and calm. When she is on, you know deep within that all will be okay….Divine knowing takes over like a blanket of peace. Of course, sapphires dance in a waterfall pendant, holding you in your heart center and allowing you to honor your truth, your calling…your purpose. Remember beautiful soul, that which you give truly is always returned a hundred fold. 7 inch stretch bracelets.

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Crystal Elements of the LOVEstack

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