Shine Bright LOVEstack (New!)

Shine bright, beautiful one! Like a diamond, this stack was created to let you shine!! Tanzanite is the Queen of Crystals in the metaphysical world! She is here to support you in letting go, releasing and in so doing, a spark of light will ignite your miracle mind – casting a positive imprint into the universe! Paired brilliantly with two other highly intuitive crystals – hypersthene to expand and protect your field bringing a vibrancy to your being AND, apatite to support you in honing all your extra gifts and abilities to connect to the spiritual realm. This is a POWER set and it is not for wavering or uncertain soul. It is for the soul who knows exactly what she seeks to be and is not afraid to shine!! 7 inch stretch bracelets.

$705.00 $564.00

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Crystal Elements of the LOVEstack

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