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It is time to begin anew. In this time, we choose light over dark. We choose to live in the now and release that of the old. It is our gift to self, to one another and to our beautiful planet. Know that the ever present light of the universe will protect your heart on this journey of spreading love and light. From this space, toxicity will be released, the spirit of love expanding from you heart will indeed heal the world. Your miracle mind will continue to see and create endless possibilities for self and others. You are powerful, precious soul. May you continue to preserver with the light of the sun always shining brightly on your path. This set of 3 peridot LOVEthirteen pieces are each adorned with Herkimer diamonds to amplify to properties of peridot and to stream divine light through your being and onto all you do! 7 inch stretch bracelets.

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Crystal Elements of the LOVEstack

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