Miraculous Gold LOVEstack (New!)

Supercharge your manifesting abilities and create the success you seek with these miracle crystals upon your arm. Golden Obsidian will activate your third eye and with a golden cord tie into your Divine will – that free of ego and human nature. You will know your gifts and feel the freedom to express fully. Golden obsidian also has the ability to heal traumatic wounds from the past – some invisible, some inescapable. For this reason, she has been paired with the miracle healing stone, shungite. As we know, this beauty alleviates fears and anxieties, blocks the icky and has the ability to heal the unthinkable. She is a miracle worker and there is not better partner than golden obsidian. These three pieces are adorned with a musical agate slice to wash away and cleanse, a waterfall of druzies to protect the emotional body and a lace pyrite to magnetize and support you in your manifestations. 7 inch stretch bracelets.

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Crystal Elements of the LOVEstack

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