Manifest Greatness LOVEstack

Your experience of life is meant to be filled with infinite abundance in success, love, heath and happiness! If you are ready to receive, the Universe is ready to give. There is no greater manifesting crystal than golden rutilated quartz. It is a rare stone that will only be given from the earth when we are ready to ask for all that is to be ours in life. When we are ready to elevate our own being and in so doing, elevate the planet. This set of 3 LOVEthirteen crystal bracelets consists of 3 golden rutilated quartz pieces – 2 adorned with herkimer diamonds and one with a druzy teardrop.

“Wear this LOVEstack to command greatness into your life! And, prepare to be amazed!” 7 inch stretch bracelets.

$840.00 $588.00

Availability: In stock

INTENTION: Intuition, Prosperity & Abundance

Crystal Elements of the LOVEstack

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