LOVEpotion No. 13 Blessed Clearing Spray

Like all things LOVEthirteen, LOVEpotion No.13 was born in a dream. Her intention in coming to life is to support the beautiful wearers of LOVEthirteen in keeping their physical body clear, their energy body clear and therefore – their LOVEthirteen crystal jewelry clear to do what it is here to do – keep you shiny bright and attracting miracles into your life in all ways of being, having and doing!

Infinite Spirit, by Divine Right ~ may my being be clear, may my field shine with the golden liquid light of The Divine. In all that I do, may my actions prosper others, and may others prosper me. As I mist my miracle infused LOVEpotion, allow the infused blessings that reside within this bottle to bless my day and my life with the abundant gifts of prosperity in health, wealth, love and happiness.

Today, I expect and give thanks for the miracles that The Divine has in store for me!

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Availability: In stock

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