Elevated Heart LOVEstack

Your feet may be here on earth, yet your spirit soars with the angels. This is why everything you do, every soul you touch – you leave a scattering of light. This set of 3 LOVEthirteen crystal bracelets was created for the woman who is in complete alignment with her Divine self – tapped in and guided throughout all she does. Cherry blossom agate to keep you grounded and clear, yet with an elevated and upward turned heart. And, white eye moonstone to keep your mind’s eye and your crown open and expanded to receive. Adorned with solar quartz moonstone and amethyst pendants. 7.25 inch stretch bracelets.

$660.00 $528.00

Availability: In stock

INTENTION: Cleanse & Refresh, Emotional Healing, Intuition, Love

Crystal Elements of the LOVEstack

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