Abundant Miracles Crystal Water Bottle (20oz)

Citrine, Quartz & Amethyst

We are meant to have ALL the riches of the world! Allow this magical assortment of Divinely infused
LOVEthirteen crystals to welcome the miracles of abundance and well-being into your life!

There is no greater money stone than citrine. Set your manifestation into this crystal as you begin your
day and watch as the miracles of money ensue! Prepare to be amazed by the gifts the universe gives as you
commit to living your life from your miracle mind – fully expecting and giving thanks as your manifestations
take life before you!
Quartz Crystal to protect you as you go, raising your vibration and the vitality of your being. Amethyst to hold you in
receptivity and to support you in trusting and honoring your intuition. Be well, beautiful soul and know that with every thought you are creating
and manifesting your reality!

Expect abundant miracles today!


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